Windows 7/8/10 home PC

Click on the appropriate link below and either open/run it now

or download it to your desktop for future use.

(If you get a certificate warning, just click on OK)


Guidance on waking up your work PC can be found in the

User Guide at the bottom of this page.

Windows 7 users: If you have problems connecting to the Council,

Click HERE to be taken to Microsoft’s website and click on the

Download button (in a blue box) to apply a security change to your PC.


Mac / IOS (iPad/iPhone) / Android

For other platforms, you will need to go to your app store

and search for  and install “Microsoft Remote Desktop”.

It will have a symbol similar to this:

To access the terminal server, use the windows link above.

Download this user guide to help you set it up on your device:

Remote Desktop User Guide